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What We Do (At a Glance) 

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Annual Summer Campus Program 

RUSMP's premier professional development program is a rigorous program each June for K-12 teachers with intensive academic-year follow-up activities. Independent evaluations indicate that participating teachers gain content knowledge and pedagogical skills that significantly improve their instruction, their self-efficacy, and their students' achievement on standardized assessments. (more...)

Courses and Seminars for Mathematics Teachers and Leaders

RUSMP offers professional development courses for K-12 mathematics teachers throughout the year, many of which provide gifted and talented and/or Rice University graduate credit. A sample of the courses offered include: Topics in Algebra, Exploring Mathematics through the Visual Arts and Children’s Literature, and Calculus for High School Mathematics Teachers. RUSMP also offers courses and seminars designed for K-12 mathematics leaders. Facilitated by leading mathematics educators, leaders develop research-based strategies necessary to support improved mathematics instruction at their campuses and in their districts. Courses are also developed and customized based upon the needs of partner schools or school districts. (more...)

Computer Science Programs for Teachers

RUSMP is a local hub for computer science (CS) professional learning for K-12 teachers to expand pre-college students' access to CS. RUSMP is dedicated to expanding access to CS and, in particular, to increasing the participation of women and underrepresented ethnic minority students in CS. ( more...)

Networking Conferences 

RUSMP hosts annual Fall and Spring Networking Conferences for the RUSMP network of teachers, administrators, and others from the educational community. Distinguished educators and scientists share their current research and interests, and RUSMP alumni and members of the RUSMP instructional team demonstrate exemplary mathematics lessons, new resources, and successful teaching strategies. (more...)

Personalized School and District Support

RUSMP assesses the effectiveness of school- and district-level mathematics programs, makes recommendations for improvement, and provides targeted professional development, school-based support, coaching, and mentoring to improve student achievement. RUSMP also conducts mathematics curriculum audits for school districts and private schools and collaborates to revise their curricula so that their curricula are vertically aligned and support current state and national standards. ( more...)

From STEM to STEAM: Visual Arts Integration

RUSMP develops customized mathematics-visual arts programs for students and teachers in which participants learn about artists, and with their math goggles® in place, they explore and discuss the mathematics in the artwork. 

Research and Evaluation

RUSMP research and evaluation efforts provide evidence-based insights and strategies to improve mathematics instruction, student learning, student achievement, and the professional development of K-12 mathematics teachers, teacher leaders, and administrators. RUSMP contributes to the growing body of research on teaching and learning and professional development in K-12 mathematics education. ( more...)

Support for Departments at Rice University and at Other Universities

RUSMP collaborates with and provides support to departments and organizations at Rice University and at other universities. This includes grant writing and programmatic development and support, external evaluation for faculty programs and projects, and outreach opportunities for university students. ( more...)


RUSMP collaborates with schools, school districts, community organizations, government agencies, corporations, other departments at Rice, and other universities. ( more...)

The Rice University Robert Noyce Teaching Fellowship Program

The creation of the Rice University Robert Noyce Master Teaching Fellowship Program united an unprecedented variety of professionals as core partners with a common purpose: to develop 16 exceptional secondary mathematics teachers into National Science Foundation Robert Noyce Master Teaching Fellows. The program is creating school-based leaders in mathematics deeply grounded in sound mathematical content and research-based pedagogical, leadership, adult education, and mathematics advocacy skills.