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Rice University School Mathematics Project


Philosophy of Curriculum and Instruction

The extensive programs offered through RUSMP are unified through a common philosophy of curriculum and instruction.


Learning Plan 

The way mathematics is taught depends on beliefs about the nature of mathematics and assumptions about how students learn. To address these issues, RUSMP has designed a Learning Plan for organizing classroom instruction.

Summer Campus Program Curricula 

Outlines of the content and material developed for the RUSMP Summer Campus Programs

Geometry Module 

RUSMP developed the Geometry Module as a comprehensive teacher training module with funding from the Texas Education Agency and the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. The Geometry Module effectively assists teachers in developing a deeper understanding of the underlying concepts that support the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) in Geometry and helps teachers develop the pedagogical tools necessary to provide their students the opportunity to meet Texas' challenging state content and student performance standards. The Math Forum recognized RUSMP's Geometry Module as exemplary mathematics curriculum for mathematics educators.

Measure It! 

RUSMP developed this measurement unit for grades 3-5. This project was funded in part by the Education Foundation of Harris County and the Harris County Department of Education.

Personal Financial Literacy Resources

RUSMP partnered with Smarter Texas and the Texas Council for Economic Education (TCEE) and reviewed lessons for classrooms and after school programs on personal financial literacy for grades K-12 educators. You can download free lessons and resources here, but you will be asked to provide information so that TCEE may see how the materials are being used. The information entered will not be shared with outside parties or used for any other purpose.