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Our Impact

• Since 1987, over 10,000 teachers and teacher leaders from nearly 100 districts and private and charter schools and over 6,000 PreK-12 students have benefited from RUSMP programs.

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• Research on RUSMP programs indicates that participating teachers increase their mathematical knowledge for teaching (MKT)* and their self-efficacy, and change their beliefs about teaching and learning mathematics and their classroom practices to align with current research on teaching and learning.

• Teachers participating in RUSMP programs continue to show statistically significant increases from pre-program to post-program in preparedness to use a variety of methods to assess students’ mathematics knowledge, use hands-on activities to introduce and develop mathematics concepts, and present real-world applications.

• Academic-year classroom observations of RUSMP participants indicate that they engage students in dialogue, affirm and build upon students’ thinking and questions, and provide students with adequate time to construct and explain their solutions.

• Research on the NSF-funded Mathematics Leadership Institute (2004-2010) indicates that lead teachers had sustained positive impacts on school-level and district-level collaborations among administrators and teachers, instructional planning, and mathematics instruction.

• The Mathematics Leadership Institute increased the number of teachers receiving Texas Master Mathematics Teacher (8-12) certification from 27 to 48, a 78% increase.

• Students of participating teachers perform significantly better, in general, on standardized tests than comparable students whose teachers have not participated in RUSMP programs. 

*RUSMP researchers found that greater mathematical knowledge for teaching is associated with higher student achievement on mathematics assessments.


"It was a great experience. I learned the basics of what I will be learning in this upcoming school year. This institute will give me an advantage in my class over the other students." – K-12 student

"I have always been enthusiastic and excited about my role in the classroom; however, after attending the Rice University Summer Math Program, I feel empowered to motivate my students through inquiry and discovery as a facilitator rather than an instructor.”
– Teacher participant

"I think it was not until this summer, even after teaching for two years, that I really completely understood what having number sense meant." – Teacher participant

"I enjoyed every minute of it [Summer Campus Program], it kept me going, it kept me busy ... it wasn't a standard sort of summer training where I'm just kind of sitting and listening to people lecture me." – Teacher participant

"Summer program was very interactive, very engaging, and very thought provoking." – Teacher participant

"The most valuable [experience in Summer Campus Program], I would say [was] the collaboration with the teachers that I had (the instructors) and just my peers. It was just an invaluable experience, because I feel like we learned too much, and at the same token, we had such a great time doing it. It was definitely the best part."  – Teacher participant

"My time was well spent in meaningful activities with powerful professional leaders to help me become a more effective coach as I work with teachers in order to increase student achievement in mathematics.” – Teacher leader