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Danya Corkin


Director of Research and Evaluation, Rice University School Mathematics Project
Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology,
School of Social Sciences

Danya Corkin earned a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from the University of Houston.  Upon graduation she worked as a Project Controls Engineer for Bechtel Corporation for seven years before deciding to pursue a Doctorate of Philosophy in Educational Psychology and Individual Differences from the University of Houston.  She has worked as an education researcher and program evaluator for the Houston Independent School District, the University of Houston-Downtown, and the Biology and Biochemistry Department at the University of Houston.  Her research interests include investigating the role of student motivation in academic achievement, specifically in the areas of math and science.  Danya’s research has been published in several peer-reviewed academic journals.  Danya also teaches undergraduate statistics courses.  She is excited to be part of the RUSMP team where she has the opportunity to combine her love of mathematics, educational psychology, and research in her daily work. 

Danya lives in Houston with her husband, Joe, and her sweet and mischievous dog Charlie. 

Curriculum Vitae 

Recent Publications

Yu, S. L., Corkin, D. M., & Trenor, J. M. (in press). STEM motivation and persistence among students of color: A social cognitive perspective. In J. Decuir-Gunby & P. A. Schutz (Eds.), Race, ethnicity, and student motivation: Understanding the research in educational contexts. Routledge.

Corkin, D. M., Ekmekci, A., & Papakonstantinou, A. (2015). Antecedents of teachers’ educational beliefs about mathematics and mathematical knowledge for teaching among in-service teachers in high poverty urban schools. The Australian Journal of Teacher Education, 40(9), 31–62.

Corkin, D. M., Wiesner, M., Reyna, R., & Shukla, K. (2015).  The role of deviant lifestyles on violent victimization in multiple contexts.  Deviant Behavior, 36, 405-428.

Corkin, D. M., Yu, S. L., Wolters, C.A. & Wiesner, M. (2014). The role of the college classroom climate on academic procrastination. Learning and Individual Differences, 32, 294-303.

Corkin, D. M., Yu, S. L., & Lindt S. F. (2011). Comparing active delay and procrastination from a self-regulated learning perspective.  Learning and Individual Differences, 11, 602-606.

Fan, W., Williams, C. M., & Corkin, D.M.  (2011). A multilevel analysis of student perceptions of school climate: The effect of social and academic risk factors. Psychology in the Schools, 48, 632-647.

Corkin, D. M., Arbona, C., Coleman, N., & Ramirez, R. (2008). Dimensions of career indecision among Puerto Rican college students.  Journal of College Student Development, 49, 81-94.