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Register for RUSMP's 2017 summer programs for teachers! (Limited spaces available.) 

Registration is open for RUSMP summer programs for teachers!  For more information and online registration, click here.

Offerings include:

* 2017 RUSMP Summer Campus Program in June 
  (2-week program with academic-year follow-up meetings)

* 2017 RUSMP July Summer Courses (1-week programs)
   Developing Number Operations in Grades K-2
   Developing Algebraic Thinking in Grades 3-5 
   Developing Algebraic Thinking Across Middle School and High School 

* 2017-2018 Code.org Professional Learning Programs 
   (All programs include academic-year follow-up workshops.)
   Computer Science in Algebra (2-day workshop)
   Computer Science in Middle School Science (2-day workshop)
   Computer Science Discoveries (5-day workshop) Application is required.
   AP Computer Science Principles (5-day workshop) Application is required. 

More information and registration are available at http://rusmp.rice.edu/teachers.

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