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  • Teacher Spotlights

  • Elizabeth BastiasElizabeth Bastias
    Her principal, Tammie Daily, describes Bastias as "inspiring, a risk-taker, life-long learner, creative, and a visionary." Read why on the RUSMP blog.
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    Kay KubenaKay Kubena
    She was honored as 2013 HISD Secondary Teacher of the Year.  She was first nominated and honored by her peers as Teacher of the Year at Bellaire High School, and then chosen among 12,000 HISD teachers for the district award. 
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    The Klein DivasThe Klein Divas
    The Klein ISD "Divas" are teacher participants in the 2014 RUSMP Summer Campus Program who led a fractions workshop for 72 fellow teachers in the district. The Divas include Huong Ngo, Kristy Morris, Wilma Mysak, Whitney Wulf, and Linda Hope.
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    Wilkie LawWilkie Law
    Wilkie Law believes that "the paramount thing in the classroom is building relationships because you can teach a kid anything. But whether or not they retain it depends on their relationship with you because the relationship gauges the importance of what you're teaching them." Read more about Wilkie on the RUSMP blog.
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