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Visual Arts Integration Resources

RUSMP develops customized mathematics-visual arts programs for students and teachers led by Robin Ward in which participants learn about artists, and with their math goggles® in place, they explore and discuss the mathematics in the artwork. Robin is also a prolific writer and shares her passion for integrating mathematics and the arts through articles in various mathematics education journals, books, and contributions to websites (see below).

Articles about Math-Arts Integration

Read journal articles that discuss how to successfully integrate the visual arts into the math classroom here.


Get Inspired and Put on Your Math Goggles®!

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starry night

Visual Arts Integration Resources: Robin's Picks

Explore resources that will help transform your mathematics classroom into an art gallery here.

Monet water lillies

Put on Your Math Goggles®: Cylinders in Art

warhol cans

Transform your mathematics classroom into an art gallery by using a work of art as the focal point to a mathematics lesson!

Open up a lesson on cylinders by sharing with your students a PowerPoint designed by Robin, featuring the soup can art of Andy Warhol. Then, follow the steps in the lesson plan and allow your students to observe, explore, and identify attributes of cylinders by creating their own soup can cylinder in the spirit of Andy Warhol.

This integrated lesson, designed with kindergarten students in mind, will allow your students to explore the mathematics of cylinders, while learning about the Pop artist, Andy Warhol, simultaneously. See how easy it is to put on your math goggles® and integrate mathematics and the visual arts!