RUSMP collaborates with schools, school districts, community organizations, government agencies, corporations, other departments at Rice and at other universities.

Children’s Museum of Houston

RUSMP and the Children's Museum have had a successful history of collaboration that began with the design of the museum's mathematics exhibit, Everyone Counts! Todo el Mundo Cuenta! in 1999. With National Science Foundation funding in 2004, the local exhibit was scaled into a national traveling exhibit. RUSMP's Director serves on the Children's Museum's Education Board and on the Math Advisory Committee. RUSMP's Director of Mathematics Programs serves on the Math Advisory Board.

RUSMP was selected by to be a local hub for professional learning and computer science (CS) education for K-12 teachers to expand pre-college students' access to CS. is a national nonprofit dedicated to expanding access to CS and, in particular, to increasing the participation of women and underrepresented ethnic minority students in CS. Additional funding for RUSMP CS programs has been generously provided by WeTeach_CS Collaborative and Schlumberger. The partnership sundowned during the summer of 2021. All inquiries about programs should be directed to

Harris County Department of Education

RUSMP began its collaboration with the Harris County Department of Education (HCDE) with a measurement unit for grades 3-5, Measure IT!, that it created for HCDE. RUSMP continues to collaborate with the HCDE, and most recently RUSMP's Director serves on the HCDE Alternative Certification Division Advisory Committee.

Multicultural Education and Counseling through the Arts (MECA)

RUSMP collaborates with MECA to develop programs that integrate STEM into their award-winning arts programs for traditionally underserved youth. As part of this collaboration, RUSMP developed a six- week STEM curriculum, with connections to the arts, that was integrated into MECA’s Sunburst Summer Arts program. In addition, RUSMP helped secure funding, recruited instructors, and provided training on the use of the curriculum for the program. RUSMP co-hosted and helped plan MECA’s 2017 Gala at the Rice University Grand Hall.

Rice Athletics

RUSMP collaborates with Rice Athletics department to provide fun and educative mathematics activities for K-12 students during outreach events on the Rice University campus. Visitors include students from districts across the state including Houston ISD and IDEA Schools.

Rice University Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics

RUSMP promotes and supports the outreach efforts of the Department of Computation and Applied Mathematics and the Richard Tapia Center for Excellence & Equity.
These efforts include:

* Summer Math Days for Houston-area students in grades 11-12
* Tapia camps for high school students.

In addition, RUSMP provides support for department faculty in grant writing and letters of collaboration.

Rice University Department of Computer Science

Rice University's Department of Computer Science provides guidance and expertise to support RUSMP in its role as a Regional Partner. RUSMP also collaborated with the department to create a curriculum that integrates an introduction to Python programming into a high school Geometry course.

Rice University Department of Mathematics

RUSMP promotes and supports the Department of Mathematics' outreach efforts. These include:
* Rice University Mathematics Circle for Houston-area students in grades 8-11
* Patterns, Math & You for Houston Independent School District students entering the 8th or 9th grade.

In addition, RUSMP provides support for department faculty in grant writing and letters of collaboration and assists graduate students in developing their pedagogical strategies and teaching philosophies for their job searches, RUSMP Directors have also taught courses in the department when needed.

Teachers Teaching with Technology (T3)

Through its collaboration with T3, Texas Instruments’ (TI) professional development organization, RUSMP provides on-going support to schools and school districts on the appropriate use of computational and graphing technology in the classroom. RUSMP has hosted TI calculator workshops and an annual T3 Regional Summit on the Rice campus.

Archive of Past RUSMP Collaborations