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Rice University School Mathematics Project (RUSMP) Mission: To create a better understanding of the nature, beauty, and importance of mathematics and to promote effective teaching of mathematics. Our mission has expanded to include supporting science, technology, engineering, and the arts as they relate to mathematics. Since its inception in 1987, RUSMP has been providing a bridge between the Rice University mathematics research community and the PreK-12 STEM teaching community across the state and beyond. RUSMP is a center within the Rice University Wiess School of Natural Sciences.

RUSMP's mission supports and promotes Rice University's Vision for the Second Century, Second Decade - "Extend Rice's Reach and Impact" and "Engage Houston and Empower Its Success." RUSMP's mission also supports the latest position paper by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics that underscores the importance of mathematics for student success in STEM.

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