Exploring the Impact of Noyce MTF Programs on Teacher Retention
(NSF DRL #1950019)

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The goal of the project is to study the retention and persistence of MTFs beyond their teaching commitment in comparison non-MTFs and to in relation to their:

  • self-efficacy for teaching,
  • leadership skills,
  • diversity dispositions,
  • school-work environment, and
  • social networks.

Presentations and Publications:

Ekmekci, A., Aqazade, M., Callard, C., Gibson, D., Rushton, G., & McGraw, R. (accepted). The role of self-efficacy, leadership, school-work environment, diversity beliefs, and social network in teacher retention. Proceedings of the 44th Conference of the North American Chapter of the Psychology of Mathematics Education. Philadelphia, PA: PME.

Ekmekci, A., Callard, C., Daley, M., McGraw R., Gibson, D., Renzaglia, K., & Rushton, G. (2022, July). How do Self-efficacy, leadership, teacher-school fit, and diversity dispositions relate to retention? Poster presented at the 2022 Annual Noyce Summit, Washington, D.C.

Ekmekci, A., Aqazade, M., Papakonstantinou, A., Orcan, B., Catanese, J., Callard, C., Cerosaletti, C., Daley, M., Rushton, G., Reid, J., Gibson, D., Renzaglia, K., McGraw, R., Sheppard, P., Head, M., Harel, G. & Soto, O. (2022). The associations of social and motivational factors to science and mathematics teacher retention. In E. Langran (Ed.), Proceedings of 2022 Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference (pp. 914–920). San Diego, CA: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education.

Ekmekci, A., Aqazade, M., Catanese, D., & Soto, O. (2022, March). Factors impacting science and mathematics teacher retention. Paper presented at 2022 Western Noyce Regional Conference, San Diego, CA.

Ekmekci, A., Aqazade, M., Callard, C., Gibson, D., Rushton, G., McGraw, R., Catanese, D., Cerosaletti, C., Daley, M., Harel, G., Head, M., Orcan, B., Papakonstantinou, A., Reid, J., Renzaglia, K., Sheppard, P., & Soto, O. (2022, February). Teacher retention: The role of self-efficacy, leadership, and network. Poster presented at 2022 Midwest Noyce Regional Conference, Cave City, KY.

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