Support for Departments at Rice University and at Other Universities

RUSMP's university-level support includes:

  • assisting with preparation of grant proposals, in particular NSF CAREER grants,
  • collaborating with faculty in joint grant submissions,
  • collaborating in research initiatives,
  • serving as external evaluators for faculty programs and projects,
  • conceptualizing, planning, recruiting for, promoting, and assisting with faculty and department programs, in particular for K-12 broader impact activities,
  • providing pedagogical feedback to graduate students and post-docs,
  • providing teaching resources for university courses,
  • assisting graduate students and post-docs in writing teaching statements and job searches,
  • assisting university students in the development of resumes and cover letters and in job searches,
  • providing outreach opportunities for university students,
  • providing pedagogical experiences and guidance in education for university students,
  • writing letters of recommendation and letters of support for university students and faculty,
  • serving on thesis and dissertation committees,
  • participating in tenure and promotion reviews, and
  • conducting mathematics tours of the Rice campus.

RUSMP faculty have taught and continue to teach university courses at Rice and at other universities.