Resource Overview


Philosophy of curriculum and instruction, the RUSMP learning plan, and other curriculum resources are available.

From STEM to STEAM: Visual Arts Integration

RUSMP Director of Curriculum Integration, Robin Ward, encourages teachers and students to "Put on your math goggles!" as a means to see mathematics in the visual arts. Robin is a prolific writer and shares her ideas for math-art integration through articles in various mathematics education journals, books, and contributions to websites.

Science and Health Games

RUSMP is hosting Web Adventures which was created by the Center for Technology in Teaching and Learning (CTTL). The mission of CTTL was to undertake research that makes technologies for learning more productive, accessible, and engaging, especially through the use of games in science and health education.

Web Links

Web tools, math education blogs, and other web-based resources are available.

Community Corner

Books, media, and other resources recommended by community members. These resources are suitable for all ages and are intended to foster engagement in mathematics and computer science.