University undergraduate and graduate students, as well as, high school students are an integral part of the RUSMP team. They assist with RUSMP educational research, publications, program operations, office management, and other duties to help RUSMP run more effectively.

Student Interns/Research Assistants:

Rahmi Alpat (University of Texas)

Alex Dupree (Rice University)

Sehina Elsik (Rice University)

Nurefsan Guneri (University of Missouri, Kansas City)

Mert Saygi (Columbia University)

Fakhri Widodo (University of California, Berkeley)

Akerke Andagul (Harmony Public Schools)

Ibrahim Bisen (Harmony Public Schools)

Emin Alp Arslan (Harmony Public Schools)

Rahime Camuz (Harmony School of Innovation - Sugar Land)

Akif Celepcikay (Clements High School)

Seniha Elcik (Harmony School of Innovation - Sugar Land)

Ambereen Haq (Lake Travis High School)

Nausheen Hossain (McNeil High School)

Bahar Kose (Harmony Public Schools)

Karlygash Ospan (Harmony Public Schools)

Sueda Sevinc (Harmony School of Innovation)

Emine Tunc (Harmony Public Schools)

Kamli Yildirim (Harmony Public Schools)