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Educators supported by RUSMP
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Educators supported by RUSMP
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  • Since 1987, over 12,000 teachers and teacher leaders from over 150 districts and private and charter schools and over 16,000 K-12 students have benefited from RUSMP programs. See an interactive map of RUSMP's impact in the greater Houston area. See a map of RUSMP's impact across the state.
  • RUSMP’s research on K-12 mathematics teachers’ technological, pedagogical, and content knowledge (TPACK) indicated that standards-based mathematics teaching beliefs positively predicted teachers’ level of TPACK. Predictive value of having a college/graduate mathematics degree on the level of TPACK was greater for elementary and middle school teachers than for high school teacher. In addition, elementary teachers' mathematics self-concept and pedagogical preparedness and middle school teachers' mathematics teaching interest were significantly related to their level of TPACK.
  • Evaluations of RUSMP’s NSF-funded Noyce Master Teaching Fellowship programs indicated, participating teacher leaders improved their mathematical knowledge for teaching and leadership skills.
  • RUSMP’s research on culturally-relevant instruction revealed that an intervention weaving culture, art, mathematics, and coding had positive impact on computer science-oriented possible-selves of high school students who were from underrepresented populations in computer science and other STEM fields.
  • RUSMP’s research related to school work environments indicated that school principals’ autonomy support positively predicted K-12 mathematics teachers’ self-efficacy and intrinsic value for teaching beyond years of teaching experience, mathematics background, and grade level taught. Moreover, the negative effects of school-work environments dominated by high-stakes testing on teachers’ motivation for teaching were moderated by the level of autonomy support provided by the school principal.
  • Research on RUSMP programs indicates that participating teachers increase their mathematical knowledge for teaching (MKT)* and their self-efficacy, and change their beliefs about teaching and learning mathematics and their classroom practices to align with current research on teaching and learning.
  • Academic-year classroom observations of RUSMP participants indicate that they engage students in dialogue, affirm and build upon students’ thinking and questions, and provide students with adequate time to construct and explain their solutions.
  • Students of participating teachers perform significantly better, in general, on standardized tests than comparable students whose teachers have not participated in RUSMP programs.
  • RUSMP’s Web Adventures, science and health interactive games, initially developed by Rice’s Center for Technology in Teaching and Learning, has over 10 million global users.
  • RUSMP has produced over 100 research papers that were published in peer-reviewed journals, in conference proceedings, or as book chapters. RUSMP also produced more than 110 evaluation reports. RUSMP has presented research related to mathematics and STEAM education at more than 115 international or national conferences.

*RUSMP researchers found that greater mathematical knowledge for teaching is associated with higher student achievement on mathematics assessments.


"It was a great experience. I learned the basics of what I will be learning in this upcoming school year. This institute will give me an advantage in my class over the other students." – K-12 student

"After attending the RUSMP Summer Campus Program, I feel empowered to motivate my students through inquiry and discovery as a facilitator rather than an instructor.” – Teacher participant

"Your organization has been key in developing the content, planning, and accountability pieces for highly effective math instruction. Our students are making gains in great part due to our partnership." – Principal

"My time was well spent in meaningful activities with powerful professional leaders to help me become a more effective coach as I work with teachers in order to increase student achievement in mathematics.” – Teacher leader

"RUSMP is a model for any institution, it leverages the strengths and talents of the university community while being responsive to the great need of our PreK-12 students and teachers. Keep up the good work!" – Professor, Mathematics Department; Texas State University