What We Do


Opportunities for Educators:

  • Annual Summer Campus Program
  • Courses and Seminars for Mathematics Teachers and Leaders
  • Networking Conferences

Opportunities for Students:

  • Math Camps
  • Math Programs

Personalized School and District Support

RUSMP assesses the effectiveness of school- and district-level mathematics programs, makes recommendations for improvement, and provides targeted professional development, school-based support, coaching, and mentoring to improve student achievement. RUSMP also conducts mathematics curriculum audits for school districts and private schools and collaborates to revise their curricula so that their curricula are vertically aligned and support current state and national standards.


RUSMP collaborates with schools, school districts, community organizations, government agencies, corporations, other departments at Rice, and other universities.

Support for Departments at Rice University and at Other Universities

RUSMP collaborates with and provides support to departments and organizations at Rice University and at other universities. This includes grant writing and programmatic development and support, external evaluation for faculty programs and projects, and outreach opportunities for university students. ( more...)