24/7 CSEd Resources

Get Started Right Away! At any time, anyone in the world can view, download, and print any of the computer science education ("CSEd") resources below. In some cases, you will need to create a free username and password to access further resources on the Code.org website.

No Classroom Needed | For Teacher-Led Classrooms | For Teachers & Other Adults

Fun for Kids of All Ages, No Classroom Needed

  • Code Break - Designed for Ages 6 to 13+
    Countdown Timer & Link to Join | Past Episodes | Website
    No experience needed, no cost, and no registration required. From noon to 1 pm CST Wednesdays during the COVID-19 school closures, kids (and their grown-ups) can join Code.org Founder Hadi Partovi and special guests via Zoom for a fun, free, one-hour break.

  • Hour of Code - Designed for Ages 4 to 104
    Promotional Video (2 min) | Activities | How-to Video (3 min) | FAQ
    No experience needed, no cost, and no registration required. Anyone, anywhere can enjoy an Hour of Code. Just choose an online or offline activity in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, or more.

  • CS Fundamentals Express - Designed for Ages 4 to 18
    No experience needed, no cost. A 30+ hour course designed for 4- to 18-year-olds to use outside the school classroom (at home, after school, etc.). Express courses do not have unplugged lessons and instead focus on covering content in a way that can be delivered without a teacher.

Programs Designed Primarily for Teacher-Led Classrooms

The resources listed below are freely available 24/7 to anyone, anywhere. These are the same materials that teachers are using in K-12 classrooms in all 50 states and internationally, at no cost to schools:

For Teachers, Principals & Other Adults

Resources especially for K-12 classroom teachers, parents, school administrators, community volunteers, entrepreneurs, and college students:

Questions? Contact Shaina Glass at glass@pd.code.org.

Get started with the curriculum or explore professional development:
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